Welcome to MetaCity!


Welcome to a world of Defi gaming, earning, and collecting with real cities and iconic buildings, where CitiZens work, CityRats steal, owners tax, but all earn!

Rats are the enemy! Beware their bite, or suffer their wrath.
The game has not started yet, join discord to stay up to date!


Mint your avatar
Each avatar has unique abilities to earn $CITY
Buy more perks from the shop to upgrade your avatar
Pay taxes to the City Share Owners and beware the CityRats.



Q4 2022
• Launch
• Minting
• Meta Miami
• University
• Shops
• Mini-Game: Impostor
Q1 2023
• Meta Vegas
• Mini-Game: Casino
• Integration With DEFI And NFT Projects
Q2 2023
• Multi-Staking Game
• P2P Marketplace
$CITY Staking Pool
• Meta New York
• Mini-Game: Avatar Battles
Q3 2023
• Breeding
• Social Network
• Competitions And Tournaments
Frequently asked questions
In order to play, you will need to mint an avatar or to buy one in the secondary market.
1. The longer you stake the more you earn
2. Upgrade and educate your NFT avatar in the University or MetaShop
3. Mint additional MetaCity Avatars using $CITY, thus increasing your
Will be announcing our official launch date shortly.
Press the “buy token” button on the header, it will then direct you to the relevant DEX.
As many as you want
Yes - if you participate in our activities on Discord and Twitter you will have the opportunity to earn a whitelist spot.